Kevin Peacock aka techlec2000

In The Beginning

Blue is the Colour – Football is the Game – We’re All Together – And Winning is Our Aim. Circa 1972, and so began a lifetime of commitment to a cause I had no control over whatsoever. There were times when I was a kid, and no doubt after another defeat, when I’d say enough, I’m taking my support somewhere else. But the reality was, I couldn’t, the first score I’d look for next week, was always Chelsea’s. I was hooked, trapped and in it for the long haul.

45 Years Later

Having spent a lifetime being employed as an electrician. Now feel’s like a good time to get the old creative juices flowing. My Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be heavily tinged in Blue though. Football really is the game.

March 2017 saw the blogging begin and so far it’s gone really well. The reason I began this website, was really as a one-stop-shop for my work. As a way of collating the articles that I’ve written. In essence, it’s as much a portfolio as it is a blog, with little therapy and a lot of moaning thrown in.

The articles you’ll find on the site generally link to other websites, this is very good for me, because those sites regard my work as being worthy of making it to the public domain. You’ll find my writing on Caught Offside, where it all started. Thanks to Rob there for publishing my first internet blog. Had that been rejected, it may well have been the first and last thing to have flowed from my keyboard. Other places you’ll see linked are Vital Chelsea where I’m now a co-editor. Pride of London  which is a relatively new venture and Read Chelsea. The opinions will be all mine (except where they’re obviously not) and hopefully written in a way that make them enjoyable to read.