Roman Abramovich still living rent-free in the heads of Chelsea’s detractors

Nearly 15 years after Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea, opposing fans and pundits still cannot accept the Blues’ success. Yet when any other club splashes a billionaire’s cash, they are lauded for their ambition.

Everton get a new owner who comes in, spends a shed load of money and suddenly they become the greatest thing since sliced bread. They have very quickly become the current media darlings of English football, taking the mantle from fellow scousers, Liverpool FC.

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A Tribute To Roman Abramovich – A Fan At Heart

Roman Abramovich must be the ideal man in terms of football club ownership. For a start, he’s got the money, nice, but more importantly, he cares about Chelsea Football Club. He’s an actual supporter. He’s at the games, willing the team on.

Abramovich bought the club from previous saviour Ken Bates in June 2003, for £140 million.

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