Chelsea Nail Tottenham With Sheer Hard Work

Bad news for the Chelsea haters yesterday. Antonio Conte has not lost the dressing room as they would like us to believe. The makeshift team that took to the pitch yesterday afternoon, had listened to the negative media talk during the week, listened to their manager, and booted the anti-Chelsea matter into the heavens.

The full-bloodied ‘backs to wall` performance once again showed that Chelsea know how to win football matches. Antonio Conte`s tactical masterclass, with a team that had never taken to the football field before was pure genius.

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Tottenham vs Chelsea Post Match

Is there really a toxic atmosphere in the Chelsea dressing room as certain sections of the media would love us all to believe? Are the players not performing for their manager as was the case with Jose Mourinho two years ago? Are Chelsea a team in decline?

A typical Chelsea ‘backs to the wall’ performance against Tottenham at Wembley would suggest that there is not much wrong between players and coach. The fight back they started during the second half of last week’s Burnley defeat continued at Tottenham’s new temporary home. The players may change, and managers may come and go but when the chips are down and the world is against them Chelsea FC know how to win.

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